Thursday, September 20, 2012


First I'll start off with my NSV yesterday.  I had left my coat in Niagara Falls last weekend, not a big loss, it was miles too big for me :)  Yesterday I bought a new coat at Walmart (Hesitant to spend money on clothes, lol) and the LARGE did up!  Even over my gigantic lady lumps!

I'm still having a hard time with temptation.  Yesterday I did so well all day at work, then I get home and my nephew who watches our daughters made chocolate chip cookies for me to take to the shower.  I ATE THREE OF THEM.  Then we went to the mall and ordered a salad with chicken breast on top from fir for life, and my husband had extra fish from the fish and chip place, I had a whole piece!  Geez!

I really have to try harder.  Wedding is in 7 weeks... Bridesmaid dress is tight...

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