Friday, September 7, 2012

Bad day turned around

Today I had a bad moment and an NSV.

The bad moment was at work on the phone with an elderly patient discussing his bloodwork.  I was already having a bad day at work, every patient I'd spoken to had been in a nasty moodI've been at this job for a while, but was off during maternity leave.   He didn't recognize my voice and asked if I was that short chubby girl that he used to see all the time.  The went on to describe this woman (me) in gory detail on how big this girl was!  I told him he was being inappropriate whether he was talking to me or not.  I know I'm not that girl anymore, and he wouldn't not place me and that girl as the same person, but it made me feel like $#!T!

Then my mom and I went shopping for a body sucker to wear under my bridesmaids dress that I'm going to have to wear soon.  The bras I wear right now are 40's, and too big.  So I got a 38 to try on thinking it sounds way too small, but I'll try it anyways, I had to go get a 36!!!  Holy crap!  That made my day!

I'm going to try on the dress again with that thing on underneath tonight.  Hopefully it fits!  I still have 2 months until the wedding, but I'm stressing a little...

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  1. good luck with your dress!! You must be so proud of yourself dropping the weight. I had bought a bridesmaid dress a size smaller to "give me motivation to get in shape this summer". Two weeks before the wedding I had to have the one sample (in the correct size, color, and style) in the ENTIRE country shipped to me so that I could be in the wedding because I just couldn't find the motivation to get my butt in gear. It takes work and you seem to pushing your bounds :)