Sunday, September 30, 2012

Stag n doe

I had a great night last night at the stag n doe!

I did pretty well over all!  I sat at the ticket table most of the night which helped.  I did have a couple of drinks, and 3 of my pumpkin pie phyllo pastries (sooo yummy and ridiculously low in points!).  I did eat some of the salsa/cream cheese/sour cream/ cheese dip, but thats something I have a hard time avoiding, cuz it's so good!  There was pulled pork sandwiches, chili, tons of sweets, pasta salads, potato salads etc... temptation city!  But those are hard to track, so I didn't eat them :P

Now for a good OP day, going grocery shopping with my menu planned for the next week.  I do so much better when I can plan!

Weigh in on Tuesday...

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