Sunday, September 16, 2012

Girls weekend, feeling skinny and pie!

I got home a few hours ago from a girls spa weekend in Niagara falls!

I had been stressing all week about it, but had a plan, with some planned indulgences, and had a great weekend!


I ate a club sandwich and salad at Margaritaville friday evening, well mostly just the chicken breast, there was entirely too much bread!  The chicken was awesome on it's own though, so my spur of the moment, picking apart the sandwich helped me out!  I had previously decided I wanted the tilapia, but I wasn't feeling it when I got there.  I did have one drink, a Rye and Gingerale.  My fav!  We spent most of the evening just chatting in the hotel room!

Saturday we had breakfast in our room, I had a croissant, lots of fruit and a starbucks coffee, one mimosa and chatted while lounging on the beds.  Then we had our massages, my massage therapist was a 20 something guy!  I didn't feel self conscious about my body for the first time in a long time!  We chatted some more in the spa lounge.

Lunch was a third of this...

Crawford's 10/10 chocolate cream pie!  Look how skinny I am!

I ate a third of it in one sitting!  That was my planned indulgence!  Tracked and thoroughly enjoyed!  We went for a nice sit in the hot tub followed by a swim ( I treadded water/laps across the pool while we chatted for about a half an hour).  

I had a HUGE NSV!  The pool towel fit around me!  

We had an afternoon snack of cheese and crackers and more fruit. Then we went for a walk along clifton hill, went into the Hershey Store and I bought NOTHING!  I did have 2 samples of fudge, about a half inch cube each, which was lacklustre and helped the decision not to buy anything at either place!  When we got back to the hotel we had starbucks, I had a tall skinny, non-fat chai late and we sat by the fireplace in the lobby and chatted some more (see a trend?)

Dinner was at Canyon creek.  I ordered a strongbow while we sat in the bar and chatted while we waited for our reservation time, I sipped at it all through dinner and left about half of it.  I did go overboard at dinner and I felt SO FULL when we left!  I had a sour dough bun with honey butter on it and a couple of lettuce wraps as a starter, then my prime rib (fat trimmed off so I ate about half of it) and steamed vegetables.  Then, because we were celebrating my friend getting married in a couple of months, they brought out a big brownie/cake thing with ice cream. I ate about a third of that, I couldn't help myself!  It was so good!!!

I'm finally starting to look normal in pictures now!

We went back to the hotel and passed out, lol!  Food coma!

This morning we lazed around the hotel chatting again, I had some strawberries and another croissant for breakfast, then we went hot tubbing and swimming again, then we went to cora's for brunch!  I love Cora's!  They serve everything with a ton of fruit!  I had bacon and eggs, one piece of toast and every morsel of fruit on my plate!  Yum!

I had a great weekend!  Indulged like I should while out with the girls and didn't feel like I was missing out on anything while I still kept somewhat to plan.  Time will tell if I'm still going to lose this week or not, but we'll see!

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  1. You look amazing! I'm jealous of this vacation for sure, and I know exactly how big of a deal the pool towel fitting is! have a good week!