Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Pants or no pants?

Since I got dressed this morning and realized I was wearing heavy pants today I wondered if I should go home and change before going to weigh in at my weight watchers meeting tonight. I always make sure to wear light clothing to weigh in.  Last week I asked my sister to meet me there with a pair of shorts to change into, lol!  And only stayed the same last week!  I hummed and hawed, changing my mind a few times before I decided to bite the bullet and just wear the heavy pants.  That way it wouldn't really matter in the future what I wore.  Whether I wore heavy pants or stripped naked before the ladies, my body was going to lose the same, even if the scale there didn't move because of what I wore.

I went in there (freshly emptied in the bathroom next door, of course), and I was down 2.2 pounds!  Even with heavy pants on!  That brings me down to 68 pounds lost!

My sister and I went and picked up the stuff to make a healthy dinner, bolstered by our losses (she's on maintenance, but expected a gain, she was down 0.6 lbs!) and grabbed stuff for tuna greek.  Yummy!

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