Wednesday, September 12, 2012

My sanity is unraveling as we speak!  Work was ok, I ate well and had a half of a bounty bar, then someone pulled out butter tarts (avoided those).  Then I get the itinerary for the girls weekend (I'm already stressing about this), were having dinner at Margaritaville!  Great!  I look up the menu, there is ONE meal that is relatively points friendly.  Ok, I'll have the fish.  No biggie.
Then my friend tells me she's ordered a chocolate cream pie from Crawford's (A little bakery/farm store that I CANNOT say no to.  It's a rule i have, their food is a 10 out of 10 and I only have it about once or twice a year).  Ok.  I'll eat lightly friday, have the fish at dinner, I'll be ok.

Then she starts emailing about food we'll bring to eat while lounging around the hotel, for breakfast and lunch.  Dinner will be the Keg (I'll do well here.  Steak and a salad, my usual :).  Someone is bringing little cakes, croissants with home made jam, brie and crackers, M&M's dips, I signed up for fruit and veggies, and I'll bring my own low fat cheese and parmesan & garlic triscuit thin crisps (my current obsession and low points too!).

Then I found out a long time, very sick diabetic patient of mine (I'm a Diabetic Educator) passed away last night after having surgery to amputate her legs in order to try and save her life from the infection.  This always breaks my heart.  I try so hard to fix these patients :'(

Then I leave a little early (I worked through half my lunch) and my husband is in a funk because of something that happened at school.  I feel guilty that I'm leaving him all weekend when he hast to study and do projects for next week.  The kids are whiny and he has to leave right away.  No help for bedtime.  I had to make dinner with the baby in my arms.

Now I'm not looking forward to going away.  Guilt and the promise of a thousand temptations.  So much for my good mood!

Oh well.  Off I go to get the kiddies to bed, then I'll drown my sorrows.  In laundry.  Oh the life of a working wife and mother struggling to lose weight!


  1. That sounds stressful. A girl's weekend should be fun, but when you are trying to lose weight, all those indulgences only bring back the point that there was a reason you had to lose weight to being with!

    Sorry to hear about you patient :(

    I hope you can lose a little of the guilt and enjoy your weekend!

    1. Thank you so much! I'm feeling a lot better now. I think I just had to let it out!

  2. Congratulations on your committment for a healthier you. Words that are helping me through the rough spots are "You don't have to be perfect to succeed" and "Believe it, achieve it" Hopefully your friends will add to your support. Give the kids and hubbie a big hug. Sounds like he needs to plan a boy's weekend and for the two of you, some husband and wife time.