Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Weigh in

Well I wasn't down as much as I'd hoped, but I guess at this point I should be happy to lose a pound a week!  I was down 0.8 lbs last night for a total of 70.6 pounds down!

I was a bit sorry for myself for a bit and binged on the packet of pop chips they handed out at the meeting ( the whole bag!  2 points worth!  Gasp!).  Then instead of the soup I had planned, Got a 6 inch meatball sub (no veggies) from subway and ate every last morsel!  Bad girl!

I'm still very proud of myself for doing so well over the weekend.  It really could have been such a train wreck!

I tried on my goal jacket for the Christmas challenge I'm heading up on the 100+ board on and it slips on easily and feels good, but I can't do it up yet.  11 weeks until Christmas... It should be good by then, a lot can happen in 11 weeks...  Right???

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