Monday, October 8, 2012

Thanksgiving success!

Happy thanksgiving to my Canadian friends!  Thanksgiving last year sparked my weight loss journey when I woke up on the Tuesday morning after 3 Thanksgiving gorgefests and weigh an all time high of 253 lbs!  I just couldn't believe that I had let it get that far out of hand!  That day I asked my sister when she got off work if she would join Weight Watchers with me again and she said "Yes." The rest is history and I haven't looked back!  Well, except for before picture inspiration :P

I was in the kitchen at my sisters on Saturday and I said to her (she just started Weight Watchers a couple of months ago and has had great success!)  "Thanksgiving last year I weighed 250 pounds".  Then a big smile on my face.  I was getting compliments from family members all day!  It was awesome!  And if kept me totally on plan!

I don't have any pics of myself from that Thanksgiving, or any from this one for that matter.  But here's a few before and afters...

The most embarassing pic on facebook...
 I'm on the left.

I can't believe that's me in this pic!

And recently.

I'm on the right.


I went into my closet to put something on for a current pic for this post 

I haven't worn my leather jacket since college!  Over 10 years ago!  It even did up over my BOOBS!
Well, you've seen it here!  My biggest NSV yet!  Wahoo!!!
(pardon the gay pigtails, stay at home day and my hair was all over the place!)

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