Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The promise of smaller tata's and a new pic!


Today I went to my doctor to discuss a breast reduction and get a referral to a plastic surgeon.  I've been thinking about this for literally years and I think it's finally time.  My doctor knows I've been thinking about it for a long time and was really good in the appointment.  He outlined reasons I should get it and explained the procedure and different surgical techniques etc...  He suggested a colleague of his who will do surgery in our own little hospital and he could probably be the anaesthesiologist on the surgery! He said I won't have any trouble having it covered by OHIP (our provincial insurance program).

He didn't say anything about needing to lose more weight first, even though I still have about 35 left to lose and in the referral letter all I could read was "blah blah blah... significant weight loss... blah blah blah" !!!

Weigh in was today and I'm down 1.2 pounds!  Happy it's over a pound!  That means I'm down 72.6 lbs!  It was a good meeting, I have two new recruits!  A woman I work with and her daughter have joined up!

So yesterday I was asked in a facebook weight loss group to tell my story :D  It's amazing to me that people admire me for losing so much weight!  It surprises me!  I took a new picture to post on there.  I think I look pretty good!

Man those tatas are huge!!!


  1. Looking absolutely amazing though!!!

  2. You DO look good! Congrats on your success! :) And good luck with your procedure. Do you know when you'll be having it done?