Saturday, October 20, 2012

Easy saturday

I went first thing this morning to Value Village to get more clothes.  I had intended to get more work pants, but I couldn't find anything I like in the 13-14's.  I did look at the 12's for a minute or two, but I just couldn't bring myself to try them on!  One day my brain will catch up with my weight loss!

I did get a couple of sweet American Eagle skinny jeans!  Size 32 thank you very much!  I have a serious muffin top in just about everything, but that's going to shrink then disappear at some point!  Stupid loose extra skin!

I sent the pic of the new jeans to my hubby and this was his response, lol!

I think he likes them!

I did get a few shirts and a really cute sweater too, a pair of running pants and a running room hydration belt!  

I went for a run this afternoon, didn't go as well as my last one, but I haven't been taking my celebrex religiously this week like I should be doing...  I only ran a little over a half a kilometer.  I stopped and walked a bit then tried to run again, but my knee was hurting so I walked back home.  I'll try again in a couple of days, and faithfully take my celebrex until then!


  1. Hey congrats on the fit ;)

    I haven't gone shopping in a while but I bet I'll have issues realizing of my new size too :P

    Have a good one!


  2. i love the hubby's comments :) they look awesome by the way :)

  3. That is just awesome on the new jeans! I know just what you mean about trying on things in sizes that just don't seem like they should fit! It's a strange thing to not see yourself as you really are, isn't it?