Monday, October 15, 2012

Date night

Tom and I had a wonderful day yesterday!  We left the house so fast once my sister got there that we didn't even have a plan!  Dinner was at 6 and we were out of the house before 2!  So we got coffee and a bite to eat, went for a drive, ended up at a Dodge dealership and test drove a Journey!  We're not in the market for a new car quite yet, but once Tom is done school, we'll probably start looking!

We went for another drive then went to dinner at Stonehouse.  Fancy schmancy!  Linen table cloths, upscale kinda place (well, middle class upscale :P ).

They had a great buffet with seafood, prime rib and a ton of other stuff.  They gave us a choice of Lobster or crab to go along with the meal, I had crab, Tom had lobster (big surprise there!)  There wasn't a lot of veggie choices, which was disappointing, but it was good nonetheless.  I had planned on just enjoying myself, trying to make smart choices and not tracking, but I just couldn't not track!  I've tracked for 112 days, I couldn't just stop!  So I estimated (probably overestimated) what I had and tracked it as best I could and used all of my daily, weekly and activity points!  Holy crap!  I pretty well ate whatever, we never get out for a date so it was so worth it!

Here's what I wore, sorry about the crappy picture, I was on the run!


  1. beautiful pic :) im glad you had fun on your date night.

  2. You look lovely and I am also glad you got out and had some fun and way to go on tracking, even if it did put you way over your points at least you KNOW and didn't bury your head in the sand.