Thursday, October 11, 2012

One year ago I changed my life!

October 11th 2011 I woke up after thanksgiving weekend and stepped on the scale.  253 pounds.  I was closer to 300 pounds than I was to 200 pounds!  How the hell did that happen???  When my sister came  in from work I said "Do you want to go back to Weight Watchers with me?  I'm doing this this time".  She said "Yes. "  and we signed up that night.  Since then I haven't looked back!  

This past year has flown!  I'd say I worked my butt off to lose this weight, which is true, I had to change my entire pattern of living.  Actually eat breakfast, actually eat vegetables and fruit, adjust my portions, not buy two chocolate bars, or donuts, or cheeseburgers, or double rye and gingers, but it really has been easy!  Yes I've changed everything, but the success I've had has made it so easy to change all of that!  And we've not been eating bird food either!  I LOVE food!  And that isn't going to change at goal!  So food had to be good.  And plenty.  I have messed around with most of my recipes or found awesome new ones, cut down my portion sizes (and instances) when I want something more calorie dense.  There's nothing "off plan".  

Since October 11th 2011 I've lost 70.6 lbs, countless inches and 6 clothing sizes.  It's unbelievable to think that!

I was hoping this post would be profound!  But, I'm not a great writer, loL!  And I'm tired :D

Here's me today.  Pardon the crocs.  And the messy hair.  And the too big clothes...


  1. Again, I want to say Congratulations on your past year of success! You have done so well!

  2. I just found your blog and want to follow your progress.Other bloggers have a feature where if I give them my email address ,every time you write a new post I get it.How do I follow you though.I tried google but i won't be getting emails though.thanks

    1. Clicking on the "join this site" link should let you follow... Thanks for reading my blog!