Sunday, October 14, 2012

Water Water Everywhere!

I slept in until around 8:15 this morning, lazed around in bed for a bit then decided to get up and make some coffee and have some time to myself before the girls woke up.  Sat up, put my feet down and SPLASH!  An inch of water on our bedroom floor!  Not what I wanted to do this Sunday morning!

We live in my Moms house, in the basement right now until she's ready to move into a retirement place and we're ready to buy the house.  Although this morning I think I'm not too sure I WANT to buy this house!  It's in a great neighbourhood and a close walk to everything, but work keeps needing done!  I know that happens with most houses, but aren't you supposed to be blissfully ignorant of those problems before you buy it?

That won't wreck my day though, Date day and night with my hubby!  We're spending the day together then going out for a fancy dinner then a movie!  I'm so excited!!!  I'm even wearing a DRESS!

K, my turn to get ready, I'll post a pic later!!!

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