Friday, December 30, 2011

Seven weeks down! November 29th 2011

Well it's been a tough week for me. 

Emotionally it's been tough, lots of stress in my life, my faith in myself going down, stress makes me lose it! My motivation took a nose dive a couple of times! I nearly lost it! I still stuck to it though, motivation or not, my determination is still there. I have made a deal with myself. I want to keep up my momentum! 
Every loss at the meeting I speak up and get a bravo sticker. I want to keep that going! 7 weeks down, 7 bravo stickers! I don't want to fall off the wagon while I'm on a roll! I keep telling myself. "Those points you would be wasting on that **** imagine the awesome cheesecake you can have with those points!" Why would I waste so many points on something mediocre? When I could have cheesecake? Of course, I don't eat the **** but I don't eat the cheesecake either, lol! 

Physically I've been struggling as well. I have chronic pain in my knees and ankle and pelvis injuries from a fall 3 years ago that limit my mobility severely. I want to exercise but my body betrays me! I break a sweat and then I have to stop because of pain. It really sucks! And does a number on my motivation! I have to keep telling myself that with the weight off, I'll feel better. Oh God I hope so! Cuz right now this sucks! 

I did discover that I like the Just Dance Wii game today :) I knocked off the magnet to the treadmill while walking and it fell and rolled under the treadmill! Couldn't reach it! So instead of finishing my workout after 15 minutes, I turned the Wii on and my daughter and I danced our little butts off! It was actually a lot of fun! And I danced for half an hour, sweating like crazy! 

Oh and with all the stress and lack of motivation this week, I still lost 1.8 pounds! For a total of 16.2 pounds!

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