Friday, December 30, 2011

Exercise frustration! November 18th 2011

I'm really frustrated with my body! Almost 3 years ago when I was 8 months pregnant with my oldest daughter I fell down the stairs, fractured my pelvis and tore ligaments in my ankle. I also have had knee surgery on one knee for torn cartilage. I've been dealing with chronic pain for ever and am on a daily med routine to keep it at bay. 

I'm trying to lose weight and get active but my body is betraying me! I have a treadmill and walking on it does nothing so I'm trying running, just short little sprints every couple minutes to get my heartrate up. I can do this for about 20 minutes my heart and soul want to keep going, but pain and the fear of hurting something further make me stop.

I'm so motivated to exercise but my body just isn't in it! I want to run on the treadmill, I want to get sweaty and have 30 AP's a week. We scraped up our pennies to buy a used but really good treadmill, really scraped, I'm on mat leave (E.I. gives you nothing), my hubby is in school and bringing in no money, we don't have anything left over for a gym membership. We worked the last election just so we could do it. So this needs to work! 

How can I be so motivated but my body is making me fail so miserably! Will this get better over time? Or am I just damaging myself further by trying to be active? Is there something else I can do on the treadmill?

Ugh I'm so frustrated!

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