Friday, December 30, 2011

Halloween bash success! October 30th 2011

I'm going to call this a success, even though I ate take out twice yesterday and drank at the Halloween party. It's WAYYY better than I would have in previous years!

Let me start from the beginning. For the past 3 weeks I have been gearing myself up for my first real big social event while on weight watchers. My best friends Stag n Doe. I formed a game plan and put a lot of thought into it too! I gave myself the permission to have fun (alcohol included) and maybe some treats :). 

Now this wasn't just any stag n doe, it was a halloween themed stag n doe. With costumes, candy, lots of food, and lots of really cheap booze! Not to mention, pretty well ALL OF MY DRINKING FRIENDS were there! So I needed a game plan to survive!

My plan was to get the kids out the door and over to my sisters by 5, make dinner for us so we're full going in, get Tom and I dressed up and get there around 9, allow myself to have a couple of mixed drinks, not coolers (I just found out that on average they're 7 points!!!) and try to scope out healthy snacky things instead of the candy cauldrons strategically placed around the room!

Well the kids didn't get to my sisters until 6:30 and I realized the party started at 7 not 9 so we grabbed dinner out. We went to extreme pita. I didn't have my phone on me so I couldn't figure out the points, so I picked something with what I thought would be in the lower range according to their nutritional info. Philly steak, no cheese, with schwarma sauce because it's tasty. Ate it, enjoyed it thinking it was one of the healthier options in town. Nope 16 POINTS!!!! That threw me for a loop for sure! I could have had McDonalds for that (a suggestion that I tuned down btw)! 

Well we got dressed and headed to the hall. I ended up having 4 drinks, Rye and gingerale, my old friend :) They were well enjoyed! And at 4 points a piece I felt a little guilty but I did save my WP for this occasion! I avoided the food, it was all cold salads, desserts candy candy candy, and 2 cakes. TWO! I love cake! But I avoided it! Oh, and speaking of cake, my friend approached me about making her wedding cake for them in March, great! Except, making cake for a wedding includes weeks of "fail cake" tried recipes that don't quite work and end up in a bowl on the counter for everyone to pick at, or even decorated as practice with icing and everything! I'm an amateur baker and did our own wedding cake, family/friend birthday cakes, etc... What a temptation that's going to be in the coming months!!! 

We had a great time but all I ate was one itty bitty Oh Henry bar (ok, I know, but with all the temptation around me I had to give in to something! I even avoided the large bowl of potato chips sitting right in front of me the whole night!). Oh, and a couple jello shooters. So we were starving when we left the party. We went to Mr Sub being the only thing open besides Pizza Pizza and McDonalds (both after bar golden standards). I had a small club for 9 points, a little better I guess. I did throw out half of the bun...

So all in all after tracking everything, yesterday cost me 66 points! I did not use up all of my WP and didn't touch my measly 3 activity points (stupid back), I ate on plan all week, never straying and avoided a lot of temptation. The old me would have eaten all night long, brought candy home, had an entire small pizza to herself and been drunk off her **** last night!

Success! Now the next hurdle... Not eating my 2 year olds halloween candy...

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