Friday, December 30, 2011

My wonderful husband! November 13th 2011

I promised a husband post, so here it is!

I have to say, having a husband that lives for you makes everything easier. He married me when I was at my heaviest and has always called me beautiful. He's supportive in my weight-loss always saying he loves me whatever size but wants me to be happy in my own skin too. He's jumped on board the healthy eating wagon with gusto. He's a great cook so we've been experimenting with new recipes and methods of cooking. It's really easy eating healthy in our house now! He made it a smooth transition. I go to WW's meetings every Tuesday and he celebrates every weight-loss. It's amazing how easy this is because of him!

My husband and I met in 1987. I was 8 and he was 7. He was that kid that chased me around the playground (I hate to admit, my mom was right! He did pick on me because he liked me!). We went to different high schools but hung around the same circle of friends in town. We always went to each others parties, went to movies together. He'd bring me coffee at work. He also was a partier and was known as a player, he dated all of my friends. He'd proposition me, but I was adamant I wouldn't date him, he wasn't my type (yes, I'm eating my words). He hated ALL of my boyfriends. We went different ways through college, I got very busy as a Nurse, got a job in the city and moved away.

I moved home after my Mom had a stroke in 2007. Tom was single again and I met him at our local Karaoke hangout just like old times again! Tom was working at the local Volkswagon dealership and looked good. We got into a deep conversation about what we wanted out of life, he was tired of being seen as a player, bored of partying and was ready to settle down. He wanted kids and a wife and a life worth living for! He then proposed marriage! Saying he'd loved me for forever and wanted me to just try it with him! I said no to marriage but my eyes opened to this new man in front of me! I had no idea who my old friend was! Nor had I any idea that he was in love with me this whole time! Something in me told me I needed to give him a chance this time and we went out on a date the next week. The rest is history! We've not been apart since! We got married in June 2010 and have 2 beautiful girls who are 2 1/2 and 7 months!

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