Friday, December 30, 2011

Non scale victories! October 22nd 2011

Tom and I went shopping yesterday to Square One. One of our favorite malls to take Lara our 2 1/2 year old to burn off some steam, it's about a half hour from our town, but it has just about everything in it. We brought both kids, my mom and Tom's Grandma with us. I've been suffering with a bad back since tuesday so I thought getting out and walking it off would help (it did!). Also, getting out of the house to help our sanity after the kids being sick all week was a necessity (also really helped too!). 

The last time I was here with my mom was 2 weeks ago because I found a sale on Jessica Simpson's plus size clothing like and I liked a few pieces. Well, the shopping spree proved fruitless, nothing fit right and the fabric was cheap! My mom, being the person who likes to salvage a situation, tries pointing out nice outfits (in regular sizes) not a big help, ended up making me (and her) feel worse!

Back to yesterday.

I went into the mall knowing Zaryah (our humongous 6 month old) needed a new wardrobe (Lara is very teeny). As she's already in 12 month clothes in which size all I had was summer stuff :/ I hit a sale in The Bay and along with the grandma's, she's set for the season, or at least half of it :P I also found a great pair of flat bottom, sturdy, non utilitarian dress boots (thanks to my Generous to a fault mother. Again)

I just heard a term on here NSV. Or Non Scale Victories. Hearing this term the other day even empowered me! That's right! It's not just the scale moving that is a good thing! Well yesterday in the mall I let myself look in the windows of the skinny stores. Instead of making a joke that "not even my left b00b will fit in that store!" I said to my husband. "I'll be shopping in there some day". With a big smile on my face! 

I had made some extra money selling Avon this week and went into Addition-Elle (it seems I always find something in there). I got a new shirt, a 1X not a 2X! I know it was just cut bigger, not that I'm really down a size, but it still felt great!

Feeling great about myself (having lost 6 pounds already and being OP-on points/on plan all this week) for the first time, still being very overweight, was a huge victory for me! 

I'm now motivated to stay OP throughout the weekend and have another ON scale victory on Tuesday!

Soon to be skinny shopaholic!

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