Friday, December 30, 2011

Four weeks down! November 8th 2011

Well the week went a bit rocky about half way through, looking at the daily weight's go up instead of down! I know, I know, I shouldn't be weighing daily, but past experiences being what they were, if I don't watch the numbers and go a while between weigh-in's, I typically gain 5 lbs or more!

I decided to look at what I've been doing. I haven't stepped an inch out of line, no cheating what so ever. I have had a few bowls of soup and a great slow cooker picnic roast that was pretty salty, maybe that was doing it? Too much sodium? K nix the sodium. I've also been having trouble eating all of points, typically having 8-12 points leftover at the end of the day, maybe that wasn't helping either!

So I did what any good Etools user would do, I went to the community and asked what I should do about those extra points! I got some great ideas and have been meeting my points the past 2 days! 

The result? Down 1.6 pounds this week! Yes! 

My goal for this week is to EAT MY POINTS! to get my 5% star :) (only 0.6 pounds away) and to get out of the 240's! Let's go!

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