Friday, December 30, 2011

Eight and a half weeks down, lol! December 10th 2011

I neglected to post after my weigh in this past week. Not really for any good reason, just didn't fit it in.

I gained 0.4 lbs. Now my total loss is 15.8 pounds. I've been OP as usual, but with a few big changes in the past week I wasn't surprised to see the increase. I was upset for a moment that my 1 plus pounds a week loss streak was over, but life goes on. 3 really big things affected my losing this week. I stopped breast feeding altogether, which I'm sure threw my system for a loop, this in turn dropped my DP's by 7 points, I'm sure my system went into shock over that! And I threw my bak out. Again. That stopped the exercise in it's tracks and as in any injury, swelling at the site is inevitable. So, 0.4 pound gain. 

No worries, I've continued on plan this week, my back is feeling better mostly, and in my daily trips to the scale (don't judge) I'm down a good 2 pounds so far this week!

Tonight I have the first of 3 turkey dinners and I'm planning on filling my plate with a ton of veggies, a good serving of turkey and a little bit of potatoes. I'm going to have dessert, but a small piece and share it with my daughter. 

Well, off to go Christmas shopping! With no kids! Woo hoo!

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