Friday, December 30, 2011

Motivation slipping away... I need some uplifting words people! November 15th 2011

I've been doing really really well this past week and I am down according to my own scale, but yesterday was an off day and I did slip into old habits for a little while. Not badly, but enough for my motivation to take a nosedive! 

I woke up thinking about the cottage cheese that was in my fridge. Put some eggs on to hard boil and started slicing up an apple. Went to get the cottage cheese out and I couldn't find it! Turns out my hubby (who will eat cottage cheese until the cows go home) finished it off last night. I bought 2 huge containers mid week last week and I only got 1/2 a cup out of the lot! I know, not a big deal, but I was disappointed! 

Then we went to Tim Horton's/wendy's, so I took a look online at their nutrition calculators. It was a real eye opener! I'm not a big fan of timmy's food, and I know they aren't points friendly, so I looked at Wendy's. I looked at their meal salads and they were HALF OF MY DAILY POINTS! So I nixed that. Chicken nuggets were a few points for 5, and I knew a baked potato and sour cream wasn't so bad, so when we got there that's what I told hubby to get me, plus a side garden salad with low fat italian dressing. Not so bad. Except he bought me a 10 pack of nuggets. Not a 5 pack. I shared with my 2 year old, who didn't eat any. I ended up eating all 10 of them. Not good. 

Then I made Turkey stuffed peppers, pretty points friendly, but they were so good that I had 2 of them. Then a third!!! 

I know I didn't slip off the wagon, I stayed OP. But Up until now I've been so conscientious! And not batting an eye at temptation. I'm so down about it today and I weigh in tonight. It's taking all I have to not stuff my face today. 


I really can't let this get me. I'm going to go run on the treadmill while the baby sleeps. Maybe I'll get out of my funk.

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