Friday, December 30, 2011

Post halloween weigh in. 3 weeks down! November 2nd 2011

Yesterday was weigh in. I'm down a pound! For a total of 10.2 pounds!

I certainly wasn't as good this week as I could have been, but way better than I would have been if I weren't trying to lose weight! I did have take out a few times as we were rushing trying to get costumes, rushing to get ready for party on saturday, rushing to get the kids ready etc... I did stay on plan, if you can call it that, I feel like I cheated though. 4 drinks and a few jello shooters, a pita from extreme pita (16 points), a sub from Mr sub (8 points), and a bagel and cream cheese from tim hortons (12 points!!!). I think this with a could sodium rich dinners and that explains my not so much of a weight loss. 

Well now on to the rest of the week and a more calm weekend!

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