Saturday, July 21, 2012

Running. Attempt number 2!

Well the weather is nice today and I woke up at 6:45 and decided to go for a run.  I started running a month or so ago, then the heat and humidity made my asthma so bad it stopped my running attempt in its tracks!  I have pretty bad asthma and really shouldn't run when it's bad, so I didn't do much for the past month.  Then this past week I was more waiting for either my husband or my sister to go with me, but life gets busy, the day passes quickly and I find myself in bed again with no run done.

So when I woke up this morning I just decided to do it!  I set up the couch to 5k to play my gym playlist and I felt on top of the world out there!  I did every run and didn't feel dead at the end of it, so I think I can do this!  My knees were achy, but not bad and I felt my ankle twice which worries me, but it feels ok now.  My doctors have given me the ok to run without the ankle brace as the brace was interfering with my fibularus longus muscle (number 11 on the diagram :P )

Sorry I'm a Nurse and like medical stuff!  The brace went up about halfway on that muscle and stopped it from working properly, so as a result, that muscle is atrophied and doesn't work very well anymore.  So I'm not supposed to use the brace when I'm on flat ground.  Which is fine, but it makes me nervous because I've been so reliant on it for so long.

It really did feel good to get out there on my own though.  It feels good to have it done today too!

Now I get to spend all day with my girls while Daddo works on finishing the family room downstairs.  3 months later we might actually get to use it soon!  And tonight is date night :)  Going to see Batman!

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  1. Congratulations on a good run! Good luck training for your 5K. You can do it!