Friday, July 27, 2012

Answers finally!

Saw another ankle surgeon today.

Apparently I have a bone growth in my ankle and it's what's been causing all of the troubles I've been having. It's called Os Trigonum syndrome.  The two previous surgeons I've seen in the past 3 years for this couldn't get past the fact that the ligaments were intact and said that nothing was wrong!  The didn't even see this growth!  They were looking at the same tests this surgeon was looking at!

He told me to get a specific type of running shoe and to continue with the muscle strengthening because it's been working.  He wants me to wear the barefoot running shoes because the lack of heel on them will naturally prevent my ankle from rolling over.  If I'm still having troubles in 6 months, he'll consider surgery.
These are the one's he suggested.  He says the low heel will prevent the bone growth from impinging or pinching and will let the inflammation in the joint go down.
Fricking expensive though!

I'm so happy that someone listened to me and thought to actually look at the MRI's and x rays himself!  I don't think I'll need surgery, my ankle really is a lot better since I've been working out and strengthening those muscles and have lost so much weight.  Hopefully the new shoes will stop my ankle from rolling over and it'll heal all the way.

Thank God for someone who listens!


  1. What a relief! Finding a doctor who hears you is a gift! Good luck with your recovery continuing.

    1. Thanks so much! It's going to slow down my running, but I'm sure I'll get there without hurting myself now :)