Wednesday, July 4, 2012

100th post!

100 posts already!  I've come a long way since post #1.  I started posting on Weight Watchers, but didn't like the format and wanted a full blog that I could share pictures and keep track of my weigh-ins and measurements.  I read back to my original posts and one of them talked about looking in skinny store windows and I can shop there now!  I'm a size 14 now, not a 2x!

I have a whole list of accomplishments (NSV's) that have happened since my first blog post and I'm so proud of every one of them!

Yesterday at Weight Watchers, my big sister Becky joined us for the first time!  I'm immensely proud of her for taking this step!  2 sisters down, 1 to go!  No pressure though :P.  I didn't lose a whole lot, but I was down 0.2!  After all the crap I ate this weekend, I was happy with that!  I have 2 more BBQ's to go to this week, one tonight so a great friend who is visiting Ontario can see all of the little ones before having to leave again.  I'm going to get someone to take a picture again because I was at my heaviest last year when Michelle visited last time, I'll post comparison pics!


  1. I'm a size 2, plus lol, and I am so excited to hear you're down to a size 14. Congratulations a thousand times over!! So accomplished ;)

    1. Lol! Thanks!!! It's a weird place to be! I've only ever been in a size 14 for a few months at the bottom end of a weight loss attempt. I'm looking forward to saying goodbye to 14's now for good reasons!