Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Twelve weeks down!

My sister and I went to weigh-in early again yesterday. We usually go to the 6 O'clock one but since she's still off on Christmas break, we went at 10. I'm down 3.2 pounds! Excellent! I treated the week between Christmas and New years like any other week and since we stayed in on New years I didn't indulge in anything more than a small glass of Forty Creek Whiskey and Gingerale. 

23 pounds down. How incredible is that! 1.9 pounds a week. I'm 2 pounds away from that 25 pound star and 25.3 pounds away from my 10%. Yes!

It was a good group meeting too. 

The leader asked how we know we can do this, how we know we can get to goal. I said that I had my husband take a picture of me on the 1st and I compared it to my "fat" picture taken of me in the summer (posted on my last blog). I explained that I've lost 23 pounds in 12 weeks and I really can see a difference in the pictures! Up until now I knew I was losing weight but it wasn't tangible, so taking that picture and seeing the difference really cemented in my mind that I will get to goal. That I can do this! 

After the meeting a woman came up to me and commented on how well I've done and how committed I sound and to keep going, because I will get there. That is totally what I needed! Thanks lady!

I kind of wish that it wasn't New years. I feel like a cliche, lol! I've started doing fitness videos. Not as a new years resolution, just that at this point I want to start exercising. Walking on my treadmill is good, but I can't go as fast as I'd like because of my joint issues. I never get that "burn" on the treadmill. the 30 day shred relies on jumping jacks and skipping for cardio, again, not so fun on bad joints after a few days, had to find something else. These fitness videos, I stumbled them while on itunes looking for some to buy with itunes cards I got for Christmas. I found these free podcasts of a whole series of fitness videos. They're called "fit for duty". They are put out by the US army for us soldiers to keep fit while not on active duty. Some of them are harder than others, but many of them are no impact which is totally what I need. I've tried a couple different kickboxing ones and a low impact aerobics one. It's awesome! I sweat my butt off but I don't have to do jumping jacks! My back and shoulders hurt from punching, but it feels good! They're fun too, and only 20 minutes long so are easy to fit in when the baby naps. I'll let you know in a few weeks if I'm finding better results than I was with just walking :)

Well, baby is getting into EVERYTHING so I should hop off the computer and entertain her. She's 9 months old today, where the heck did that time go???

Onward and downward folks!


  1. Congratulations! You sound sooo determined, and your success shows through! It took me four years to lose 80 pounds LOL! You're kicking ass and taking names! Holla!!

    1. I'm determined! Now that I'm done having kids I'm getting this done and over with! Thank you for reading my blog btw! Spread the word! Eva