Saturday, January 21, 2012

Birthday madness!

My birthday was two days ago and I'm only getting a chance to blog about it now!  Phew!  What a busy weekend!  

Thursday the nineteenth was my actual birthday.  My hubby and I woke up together for a change and the kids were still asleep at 9:30 am!  So we cuddled for a while then got them up.  He made me breakfast, eggs and pea meal bacon on a wrap, yum!  

Then he gave me my present!  Totally not what I was expecting (not that I was expecting anything in particular).  He got me Apple TV!  It's a little box that you can rent movies, subscribe to TV series and I can view my podcasts on the big TV now!  He was really intuitive this time, our town now has no video stores anymore and we used to rent movies all the time!  There are also a ton of kids shows on it, lots of veggie tales which our daughters love!  

We had a quiet afternoon where the falling snow threatened the rest of our plans.  We were planning on going out to Imperial Buffet which is about an hour drive give or take.  The snow cleared up and we did manage to get there!

This is a chinese buffet kind of like the Mandarin (for my fellow Canadians) except they have all you can eat crab all year round!  They have an amazing dessert bar too!  I had a game plan and I stuck to it!  I ate a bunch of crab (you can eat a lot for a very little amount of points!)  I ate a lot of fruit, veggie dishes and a few pieces of sushi (not a fan, but I promised my DH I'd try, with Wasabi!).  I did grab quite a few things off of the dessert bar but the only thing I really liked was the lemon meringue pie, everything else was too sweet so I didn't eat it!  Funny how eating healthy for a long time changes your palate!  So I had more fruit instead!

We got home, left the kids with my niece and went out to the bar!  A few of our friends are in a band and they were doing a jam night at our local pub.  We had a great time!  I had 3 pints of cider and a half pound of Honey Garlic wings as a treat.  It was a great day!

Yesterday we went to our friends house.  Every month or so we get together with the same two couples and our kids.  It's a ton of fun because the oldest is ten and he entertains the three year old, two year old and 9 month old and we get to have adult conversation!  My friend made a healthy dinner of chicken cacciatore, caesar salad with incredible garlicky home made dressing (yum!), cheese bread and sparkling wine.  I made a Little Mermaid cake as we were celebrating my 3 (on tuesday) year old's birthday as well!  I brought frozen yogurt to go with the cake.  I ate sensibly, had a couple glasses of wine and a small piece of cake with the frozen yogurt.  

Today we had Tom's family over to celebrate Lara's birthday!  I spent all morning cleaning, making and decorating cupcakes etc...  We had chicken hot dogs, fruit and veggie trays and potato chips.  

I did eat on plan for every other meal this weekend :)  and my baby Zaryah started walking!  So I've been chasing after her!  I stepped on the scale this morning praying that it still said below 225 and had a nice surprise when I looked down!  222.8!!!  YES!!!!  I ran and got Tom and made him step on the scale.  224.6! I'm smaller than my husband!!!  One of my personal goals I've been chasing since he's been losing weight too!  I'm walking on the moon today!  I just hope the (measured out) crap I've been ingesting this weekend doesn't catch up with me!

Wow that was longer than I thought it was going to be!  Now it's bathtime for kiddo's and then bedtime right after!  Gonna rent a movie on my Apple TV!

Here's a pic of the cake!  The face part of the cake didn't come out of the pan in one piece!  So I had to freehand, lol!  

Onward and downward!


  1. Aww that cake is adorable! Happy birthday to you and your baby! You are doing amazingly, and all your food choices sound so great! I'd love some of those wings right now!! :)

    1. Thanks! I was really lucky I didn't gain! It did catch up with me a bit though, I'm up a little bit from Saturday but still down!

  2. Oh and what is pea meal bacon?

    1. Pea meal is Canadian bacon! But in Canada we don't call it that, lol! Ham that is cured like bacon but is way less fatty. It's rolled in corn meal then sliced. Yummy!