Sunday, January 15, 2012

No wonder I'm fat!

Making my breakfast this morning I was lazy, up early with the baby after a long late night last night and I went to the cupboard for an old standard.  Mushroom soup!  It's a favorite comfort food of mine and we go way back!  I made it, looked at the nutritional information so I could track it and a half a can is 4 points.  Not so bad, I shared it with both of my girls and dumped the rest.  This got me thinking.

My old self would eat the entire can, with an entire sleeve of Premium Plus crackers crumbled up in it!  I'd finish this off with  2 big coffees with 10% cream and a heaping tablespoon of sugar each.

My whole meal had
1011 calories,
39 grams of fat,
162.5 carbs and
3278 mg of sodium!

 Then my typical lunch would be take out, say a chili deal from Tim Hortons with 2 buns covered in butter, a donut and a large double double.

1414 calories,
63 grams of fat,
166 carbs and
2734 mg of sodium!

Then I'd have a chocolate bar for a snack with a 591 ml bottle of coke,

540 calories,
14 grams of fat,
106 carbs and
175 mg of sodium!

The for dinner lets say I made Hamburger helper.  My favorite was stroganoff (I say was because I now make a low fat chicken crockpot version that is ten times better!) I'd have probably about 4 measured cups of it (not that I measured).

1280 calories,
48 grams of fat,
88 carbs and
3600 mg of sodium!!!

Then we'd eat while watching TV later on.  Usually chips and dip.

1840 cal,
120 grams of fat,
158 carbs and
2080 mg of sodium.

My day would net

6085 calories!!!
284 grams of fat!!!
680.5 carbs!!! and
11867 mg of sodium!!!

Man that's hard to look at!  It's really an eye opener.  No wonder why my doctor was always on my case!  I was heading towards a train wreck at break neck speed!  Not every day was quite like that, but I'm sure the calories were almost as bad.  I've since embraced eating healthy.  Actually eating veggies, lol!  I still snack before bed, but it's something much more healthy.  I can't even eat any of these things anymore, they're too salty!  And if I ate as greasy/carb heavy now I get gut rot and the runs!

My typical day now consists of:


Oatmeal, coffee with 1/4 cup homo milk and sweetener, an apple, an hard boiled egg

350 calories,
10 grams of fat,
55 carbs and
460 mg of sodium

Tuna wrap with light miracle whip and lots of lettuce

400 calories,
13 grams of fat,
40 carbs, and
580 mg of sodium

Cucumbers and Heluva good dip

76 calories,
5 grams of fat,
4 carbs, and
170 mg of sodium

Chicken stroganoff (no noodles, I like if poured over my potatoes), baby potatoes, a big salad
 and balsamic vinegarette

479 calories,
17 grams of fat,
45 carbs and
284 mg of sodium

Bedtime snack
An apple

65 calories,
0 fat,
17 carbs and
1 mg of sodium.

For a grand total of

1370 calories, 45 grams of fat, 161 carbs and 1495 mg of sodium!  All told, much better than before!

No wonder I'm losing weight! :)))  No wonder I feel better!  No wonder my rings fit!  No wonder I don't have heartburn at night anymore!  No wonder I have energy!  No wonder I sleep better!


  1. WOW, that is totally mind blowing! What a wonderful transformation you are making for your health and longevity! Just think how much your heart is thanking you too! Keep going, girl!! I think I might do the math on my own before and after, just for kicks!

    1. Thanks! I was really disgusted with myself after figuring that out! I'm so happy with my food choices and it's always on my mind to get lots of fruits. veggies and water in there. :)

  2. I love your breakdowns! It really makes you think!