Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year's Day!

First off, Happy New Year!!!

My hubby and I took a trip to see his dad yesterday. 2 hour drive and we left right when the baby was ready for her nap. She slept all but 20 mins of the drive and our almost 3 year old was happy to watch youtube videos on Daddo's iPad. So hubby and I had time to talk! 

Since the post Christmas weigh-in I've been totally on plan and my weight has dropped by at least 3 pounds on my home scale so far this week! I'm really motivated to make this my year. 2008 brought Tom and I together, 2009 gave us Lara, 2010 we were married and 2011 gave us Zaryah!  2012 would be a great year to finish my goal of losing the rest of this weight!  5 years and 5 milestones!

We talked about how well I'm doing, how proud he is of me then I lectured him on his nutrition :) He only needs to lose 20 pounds to have a healthy BMI and I told him I'd like him to get to goal with me. His portions are out of control, he never eats breakfast and usually has carbs for lunch when he's completely famished! I said to him that he needs to get healthy too. For me and for the kids. I don't need him dying of a massive heart attack in his 40's or 50's. I want us to be together in our 90's and we won't get there if we keep going like we are! Like I was :)

I think he got the message, he made oatmeal for breakfast this morning :). He did say that tomorrow he's going to start watching his portions and eating healthier (we are having prime rib for dinner tonight). He's applied to go back to college and become a Paramedic for September. He's going to need to get fit!

I'm really happy about the way we have 2012 planned. If I get to my goal by next Christmas I'm hoping to go on a little getaway to a nice warm sandy beach and show off our skinny bodies! I can't wait!

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