Wednesday, January 18, 2012

My birthday present

My husband has gotten me a birthday present.  He went out a few days ago and said he couldn't find it.  Then he tried to order it buy it would take 7 days.  Today he came home from work and scooped up our almost 3 year old and  said he was going out to see if he could find my present, it was first come-first served.  What the heck?

He found it, brought it home and wrapped it.  It's now sitting beside me on the coffee table.  It's square, each side about 5x5 inches.  It's light and doesn't rattle.  My birthday isn't until tomorrow.  I made a comment to him how unfair it was to put it beside me when I couldn't open it until tomorrow.  His reply was "Well if we had a babysitter you could open it at midnight".  Lol!

I couldn't possibly guess!  It's fairly small, not very heavy, it was available on a first come first served basis and it requires a babysitter if it were to be opened at midnight.

I'll post tomorrow after I open it what it is!


  1. OMG what a tease!! I don't think I could stand it! I'd totally peek, I'm rotten like that!

  2. I did that once and it totally wrecked Christmas for me, I'll never peek again!