Wednesday, January 11, 2012

13 weeks down!

Sorry I'm a day late writing this, life is busy!  My husband is in school right now and running a business so I've been busy with the kiddies trying to keep the pressure off of him!  I've not stopped today!

Weigh-in was yesterday and my sister and I went to our regular 6 pm weigh-in instead of morning weigh-in like we've been doing over Christmas break.  I was a little anxious about it as your weight can fluctuate as much as 3 or 4 pounds in a day and I was nervous the scale was going to show an increase instead of a loss.  But it didn't!  Down 1.4 pounds!  Woo hoo!  So all in all a really good week!  I'm nearly at 25 pounds down and 10% lost!  Next week is my week baby!  These 24.4 pounds have come off so fast that I still think I'm 250 pounds you know?  It's weird putting on clothes that I bought in October and they're too big!  Exciting!

It's really starting to sink in that I'm doing this!  That this isn't just me getting into something then falling off the wagon.  25 pounds sounds like an accomplishment!  Is a huge accomplishment!  It's a real incentive to keep going, keep exercising and eating right!  I wake up thinking about when I'm going to get my workout in, what my food plan is for the day, how are my joints feeling and how I hope that doesn't get in the way of my workout.  What happened to me, lol!  I've never been an exerciser.  I did have a gym membership a few times, even had a personal trainer!  But I'd only lift weights and go halfheartedly onto the treadmill or bike.  I'd look at the classes going on and think "Pphhhtt!  Those aren't for me!"  Now everyday I do at least one of those podcasts here ( fitness ), the cardio ones, step, low impact aerobics, and of course the kickboxing ones :) my personal favorite!  It's just amazing to me!


  1. Down 1.4, that's AWESOME!!! WAY TO GO GIRL! My weigh in is tonight, totally nervous! I feel like a walking water balloon, totally holding onto too much fluid for some reason. :( Oh well... Anyways, just found your link off of the WW Boards, so wanted to swing by and say HI, and send some more support your way! Have a good one, and congrats on being down!

  2. Thanks a lot! I'm telling myself that if I tell the world I'm trying to lose weight, I'll have to keep up with it! So far it's working!

    This is way easier for me to track things too. Pics, my progress and such are easier to see. Much more user friendly!

    Thanks for following!!!