Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Shopping last night

My sister and I went clothes shopping for me last night!  An early birthday present from her because she's tired of watching my pants fall down!  We went to Reitman's, the clearance racks have been picked over seriously!  I usually wouldn't bat an eye at $29 pants (If they fit I'd get them!) but this time I couldn't justify (my sister) spending money on something I'll be out of in a couple of months!  So we went to Walmart.  I avoided the plus section like the plague for the first part, tried on a pair of size 14 pants and alas they were too small.  I could get them up though!  Just not quite over my belly.  I was super happy about that though!  I was in a size 20 pants a few months ago!  I do have a weird body style though, no hips or butt and my stomach hangs over, with skinny legs.  Hard to find pants.  So I went into the plus size section and looked at the 16's and they were huge!!! They would fit around my waist but hang everywhere else!  So I didn't get pants (however I desperately need them) I did get a really cute blouse in an XL though!  Sweet!  I'm going to wear it on my birthday when we go out to Imperial Buffet!  (All you can eat crab legs!).  Maybe I'll post a picture in my new outfit!  Hopefully I'll find pants before then :)

Oh, it's weigh-in day!  Not too optimistic for a huge number, I've been fighting a bug and am bloated.  The scale at home says I'm up a pound from Friday, still down from last Tuesday though.  I'll post the results later!

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