Wednesday, January 25, 2012

MY BABY IS THREE! 15 weeks down!

I'm really having a hard time coming to terms with the fact that Lara is now 3 years old!  She had a wonderful day yesterday, Mama's homemade waffles for breakfast, lots of presents, mostly clothes and everything princess!  We took her and her little buddy Emmet to an indoor playground and they and the baby played steadily for 2 hours!  She asked for Swiss chalet for dinner, she loves their rotisserie chicken, fries and dipping sauce!  She ate almost an entire drumstick!  We ended the day with Angel food cupcakes, light whipped cream and strawberries and watched the Leafs game with Daddo!  (They won!)

It's been an incredible and difficult 3 years with her.  She was born 3 weeks early after I fell and did the splits down the stairs.  I had a placental abruption and she was born very pale and lifeless, having to be resuscitated for 90 long minutes before we could even hold her! It took her a few weeks to figure out how to eat and gain weight.  Thankfully she has no lasting effects!  I however, will carry the scars of that for the rest of my life.  Physically and emotionally.  You never forget the helpless feeling of seeing your brand new baby in someone else's hands, lifeless, and you can't do anything, when you would give everything for her to be ok!  She's now 3 years old and weighs 22 whole pounds!  My skinny little mini me!

Besides the emotional scars of her birth, I have complications from the fall, my pelvis broke, and I tore the ligaments on the outside of my right ankle, both wreaking havoc on my body during a second pregnancy (thankfully a healthy baby and no complications!), and up until now, rendering me unable to do much without a ton of pain.  Or at least they gave me an excuse not to exercise.  In the past couple of months though I have decided to push past the pain and just do it!  I have to lose the weight to lose the pain!

I'm doing pretty well in the weight loss department!  WI yesterday revealed a 3 pound loss!  Over my birthday week too!  Awesome!  That brings me to 27.8 pounds lost!  I'm really impressed with this weight loss.  almost 30 pounds down already!  I'm still in shock even though it's been coming down over the last 3 months.  Every time I get on the scale my mind goes to the 240's, not the 220's!  My hubby is really proud of me too!  He's quick to say it when I make a good food choice over a bad one and every time I run into the room yelling what the scale says!

I've motivated him to start losing weight too!  He's probably got about 20-40 pounds to lose.  He went and got the P90x videos from iTunes today!  He's even signed up for My fitness pal and has been counting calories all day!  I guess I really have to get my butt moving if I want to stay smaller than him!  Sheesh!!!

I'll be on the treadmill later :)

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