Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Struggling... kinda...

Let me say first off, that I am just devastated hearing about the bombing at the Boston Marathon. It baffles me that someone would target such an innocent event. My prayers go out to those affected :(

I seriously have no momentum right now in the weight loss department. I have 9 pounds to lose. You'd thing that I'd be doing just about anything to get there. I want it.  But I just can't seem to keep it together.  On the weightwatchers.ca 100+ pounds to lose message board, I lead a daily thread called 100 days of tracking.  Today I mentioned that I wasn't expecting much at the scale tonight.

One response was

    " Eva, I have heard you talk about a red satin coat and let me just say I think it must have a big "S"     on the back for Superwoman/mom/friend/nurse/wife.... "

Another was,

     "Eva whatever the scale says you know some of that is stress related. Stress adds water retention so keep that in mind."

My friends on there really take care of me :). I really am under a lot of stress right now. And as much as I'd like to think I can handle it, it is affecting me. My resolve is shaky.  My willpower is paper thin. The temptation to choose comfort foods over healthy foods is great. And that's ok. These events are fleeting and I'll get through it. 

Weigh in tonight netted me a 0.2 lb gain. No big deal. 

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