Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Burning the candle at 3 ends

Life is definitely stressful right now!

 Tom is in Honduras, he left last Thursday morning, so I've been a single mom with a full time job, with an ailing parent and spring cleaning before the big surgery!

No surprise when I hopped on the scale and saw a 3.2 pound loss!  That leaves only 6 pounds to goal!  Thankfully I had a food plan for when Tom was gone and  stuck to it. I don't think I would have fared well without the freezer full of pre-made meals!

I'm definitely on plan. Tracking, getting in my good health guidelines and drinking my water. I really want to be on my "A" game when I'm off having surgery. The last thing I want to do is gravitate towards comfort foods!

It's been hard with Tom gone. I give lots of credit to single parents'. This job isn't for me!  I definitely prefer having my partner in crime to share the load!  The kids have been good, but we all get tired out and cranky easily. Lara has had some separation anxiety the past couple of days. That's been a struggle. Thankfully we finally got to Skype with Daddo tonight!  Hopefully that helped some. It certainly helped me!

Speaking of doing double duty, I managed to type this all out with my right hand (I'm a lefty) while cuddling with Zaryah watching a show before bedtime!  I'm super mom!

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