Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Goal weight update

I had my doctors appointment today to discuss the weight watchers BMI rule, where I am right now and what my doctor thinks I should be weight wise.

Weight watchers says I need to choose a goal within the BMI for my height. For me this would be 146 lbs. this doesn't take into account muscle, bone density or structure.

I'm feeling close to goal. Besides my dangly boobs and stomach skin, I'm  happy with how I look. My arms and legs are skinny and muscular. My butt is non-existent.  No really. When I sit down in the bathtub, it's tailbone on porcelain!  My double chin is gone, my back fat is gone and my hands look tiny. My husband even said he thinks I'm where I should be!

My doctor thinks the BMI is unrealistic. She thinks if I aim for that I'd end up looking malnourished. With the extra skin hanging around my middle, she thinks I should be around 160. She she wrote me a Drs note!

Weigh in was today too. I went early to the meeting and spoke with Sue, our leader. She said she was actually thinking of talking to me about this and thought herself that the BMI was unrealistic for me. That made me feel much better!  I felt a little like I was cheating going in there with a "the doctor said so" note!  I'm glad she agrees!  So now my official goal weight is 160 pounds!  And with a loss of 0.2 lbs today, that's only 9 pounds away!

I was pretty impressed that I was down this week!  With mom being hospitalized for the past 2 weeks and my life being so chaotic, a week ago I was up 5 pounds on the home scale. So with deciding not to track and just focus on power foods and doing my best to eat healthy, I managed to lose all I'd gained!  I'm actually pretty proud of myself for that!

A new development in the "Car accident story line" from November. My insurance adjuster called and with the money left in my claim, she offered to pay for a year long gym membership "to keep me at a functional level where I finished off with physio". So guess who's going to the gym again!  My office is in a superstore and there is a Goodlife Fitness Women's only gym there and a couple of the girls I work with go on lunch, so I figured I could join the pack!  It's free, why not!  I even get 6 sessions with a personal trainer to put together a plan :)

Mom is still in the hospital, she ended up having a stroke while there and Hasn't been doing well.  Today we noticed a bit of improvement, but we don't think she'll get back to where she was. So prayers and good thoughts are much appreciated!

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  1. first, sorry to hear about your mom, i pray for a full recovery.
    ok so about the BMI thing, that rocks that your doc adjusted it for you. YAY 9 lbs to goal. ive had that convo with my doc before about goal weights other than saying "get to your weight you were in high school" she doesnt know. i was 180 lbs in high school-so i wasnt thin back then.
    anyway you will be there before you know it :)