Friday, April 5, 2013

My beautiful Zaryah is TWO!!!

Yesterday was Zaryah's 2nd birthday!  She started it off with a bang too!  She woke up shortly after midnight screaming, took an hour and a half to settle and get back to bed, then she woke again screaming at 3:30 and was up for an hour then.  I dragged my butt out of bed at 7:15 and managed to get to work on time with a lunch box full of healthy :)

This was our first happy birthday picture.  At 1:30 am.  Once she stopped screaming.  Pardon my messy hair and smudged mascara...

I can't believe she's two already!  Whenever she hears the word birthday, she yells "I two!" and attempts to stick up two fingers. :). With mom sick and us going back and forth between home, work, school and hospital, we had a quick celebration at home for her special day.

She had spaghetti for dinner and chocolate cake for dessert!

A pro at blowing out the candles!  We relit it a half a dozen times!

She didn't care that it was a store bought cake. I'll make a cool one for the family party.

She got a new scooter from Mama and Daddo, she looks so teeny!

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