Monday, March 25, 2013

Simply Filling Technique

So I'm trying something new.  Since Tom will be away quite a bit in the next month, my life is going to get very busy.

Weight watchers offers you two options for tracking.  Track everything you eat, using daily points, weekly points and Activity points.  This means measuring out everything you eat and keeping within the daily points target.  The other option is Simply Filling Technique.  You eat power foods until you're satisfied and track all non power foods using your weekly points and whatever activity points you earn.

Power foods are foods that are low in fat.  Chicken breast, other lean meats, most veggies and fruit, fat free dairy, low fat/high fiber grains etc...  I looked back in my tracker and most days I eat mostly power foods anyways.  Some days I only eat a few points of non power food foods.

I think this'll be easier, and the fact that I'll need to use activity points to get more points will help me get in more activity!

I won't be posting my tracker anymore. It's just way too difficult to try to do from my iPad. I will try to at least discuss what I ate during e day, especially if it were. Cheat meal :). Today I ate well, even went out for a quick lunch with my hubby and the kids after he got home from being away all weekend.  I had a fruit bowl and half a cup of cottage cheese. I did eat the lunch I brought to work too, tuna salad made with heluva good dip over salad. Dinner was a roast chicken from the super store, rice and salad.

My treats for today were a drink To, poured for me tonight and a butterscotch pudding :)

Weigh in is tomorrow, I'll be down, not sure how much though. I'll be happy with whatever it is. My legs are still really sore from the 30ds and my weight is up a bit from the water I'm retaining from that, but I'm not worried. I've been pretty good :) it'll come off eventually.


  1. I am interested to see how the SFT works for you. I have always been to nervous to try it, as planning to have all the power foods in the house would be tough as I don't do well at planning :)

    1. I'm interested too. I know I'm going to end up with a deficit, being it easter weekend, but I'm ok with that. This'll be a test week and next week I'll be on it full force! I'm still going to track everything though!