Tuesday, March 19, 2013


I'm still here I promise!  I'm sorry I haven't been blogging a lot in the past 2 weeks.  Life is busy with Tom coming close to finals and needing to study more, I end up alone with kiddies!  I think I'm finally over my cold/sinus infection, the exhaustion that followed and the side effects of the antibiotics, but I have to admit, I got out of the habit of blogging through all of that.

I'm ready to get back into the swing of things.  My diet control has been lax, not blogging, and my weightless is stalled.  So as of today I'm back!  I'm going to start logging my food on here again, It might be a day late, or two days at a time, but it was really helping me before and I think I should start again.

A bit of a disclaimer though, with the chaos that is life these days, I likely be too tired to post some days.  I'll do my best though!

So weigh in was tonight and I was up 0.2 lbs.  I'm pretty happy with that, I had a food filled weekend and ended my week with a 31 point deficit!

Even with the bad weekend, Tom and I are continuing the Tuesday tradition of chips, dip and chocolate.  We both find planning in a good treat helps us be more on plan the rest of the week.  It's working so far!  Well, except for this past weekend :)

Here's my food log, I figured out how to do it on my ipad!  I'm learning slowly but surely!


  1. Welcome back! Writing definitely helps - I find myself thinking "do I really have to write this snack?" And it makes me consider why I'm even eating it then. Doesn't always stop me :) but it helps me not eat twice as much!

    1. Thank you! I got away from putting my food log on here a few weeks ago when my laptop died. Then my diet went semi out of control! It's amazing how much I don't eat because I don't want the world to see that I've eaten it!