Sunday, March 10, 2013

I'm back!

I really intended on still blogging, but my cold turned into a bad sinus infection and this is really the first time I'm able!  Each night I'd just fall into bed and not get to even read a blog, let alone write one!  Not that my throbbing face was conducive to seeing straight!

Well I'm still losing.  On Tuesday I was down 0.6 lbs!  Not quite making up the gain from the week before, but my body does weird things when I'm sick. Namely retain water!  I'm hoping for a good solid loss this week even though I haven't gotten in much activity besides a couple of walks.

The weather is nice here at the moment and should be staying fairly mild, so I'm going to finally start a running regimen!  (You hear that body???  No funny business!!!). I'm wondering if I can actually do the couch to 5k now. I tried last summer but found I didn't have the stamina at 200 pounds. I can run for almost a mile, but then my lungs give out.  Maybe if I try the interval approach with c25k, I'll work up to being able to run longer after the 8 weeks.  I was trying to just run until I couldn't, but then I couldn't finish the 30 mins walking because I'd need to go home and get my puffers then cough like crazy for an hour afterwards (yes my doctor knows, and she insists I can run, and should!).  Maybe the intervals will give me the break my body needs in between runs and work up to running a longer distance.   I don't have a 5k race goal at the moment to train for, the one I wanted to run is around the same time that I'll be having surgery.  So I just want to continue to work on my stamina.

Today Tom and I used our winnings from A fundraiser we were at in December.  We took the kids to my mother-in-laws and drove out to Burlington to use our gift certificates to The Purple Heather Gastro Pub. It's a pub, but with a reinvented menu, everything is gourmet ish. They have all of the typical English pub foods, but with a neat spin on them.  To be honest, I was a little Leary of the menu and what I'd be able to have, but the worry was needless.  I ordered a near zero point meal, right off the menu!

Roasted spaghetti squash with sautéed vegetables in tomato sauce. 

It was really all veggies, the tomato sauce was crushed tomatoes and spices, I counted a tbsp of oil, just in case, but even with that it wasn't very many points.  It was seriously really good!  and you could tell that there is a very good chef working here because the blend of spices was unique, a little different, but very well done and delicious!  Because this was such a low point meal, I shared a buffalo chicken flatbread as an appie, and a omgitwassogood brownie for dessert. I would seriously recommend this restaurant to anyone and we will certainly go there again!

We then went on to Hamilton,parked the car and walked around downtown until it was time for the hockey game!  It was such a beautiful day!  

Here's the token Tom and Eva shot :)

The hockey game was pretty good!  It was two AHL farm teams of rivals to our Maple Leafs, so we just enjoyed watching some good hockey and time together. We walked during each intermission to work off our drink and popcorn :). I earned a whopping 8 activity minutes with all of the walking I did!  

All in all it was a really good day!  A successful one for a date on weight watchers!

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