Friday, May 18, 2012

When will I ever learn?

I'm battling stomach cramps and frequent trips to the bathroom tonight :(

We went for a drive today and ended up close to a town with an Arby's in it.  I love the Arby's Beef n cheddar burger and our girls love their "Swirly fries".  I rarely have fast food.  Really in the past 7 months I think I've had fast food 4 times!  2 weeks ago I had Taco bell and ended up this way.  How did I not know I'd end up in the same predicament!

K.  Next time, remind me of this day before I put something greasy into my mouth!

Thanks.  Gotta GO!


  1. Hey Eva,

    I have a good recipe for you if you do like those Arby's beef and cheddars (I do too)! Both hubby and I like it!

    Love your blog...thanks for sharing your journey!

    Becca (from WW 100+ board)

  2. Oh those sound so good!!! Thanks Becca!

    And thank you for checking my blog out :)