Monday, May 21, 2012

Happy Victoria day! $1000 for nothing, hiking and stopping meds?

For my American readers,  May 21st is Queen Victoria's birthday and traditionally Canadian's celebrate it with a statutory holiday the 3rd monday in may.  This year my husband and I have been compelled to spend more time outdoors with our kids.  Both of us are in way better shape than last year and want to get out and be active :)  So we packed a lunch, packed up the car and headed to a conservation area close to home!  Our niece Jillian came with us and our nephew Reuben drove there to meet us.  We had a great afternoon!  The kids all swam in the lake, Tom and I chased the little kids, we had lunch then went for a walk to the ruins.  Tom and I made plans to come back on our anniversary weekend to go hiking and canoeing.  :)

Oh, before we went to the beach I made a cake for my sisters best friend :)  I didn't eat any, but I know it was delicious!  My famous chocolate cake with strawberry and whipped cream filling.  I even made those flowers by hand :)  I love seeing the finished products!

On Saturday two of my closest girlfriends and I had a "mommy meeting" at one of their houses.  No Daddy's or kids allowed!  My girlfriend Lauren is also on a weight-loss journey and isn't quite as far along in it as I am, so she let me have all of her size 16 clothes with the stipulation that I have to be out of them by the time she's back into them :P  I tried everything on and everything fit!!!  Some of them loosely!  Now I've bought a couple pieces in size 16 and they fit, but I just assumed they were a bigger fit.  But I'm really in size 16!  I even did a little dance when I put on a pair of jeans that fit like a glove, even on my ass!  I'm just so proud of myself for getting here!  So I got probably $1000 worth of clothes for nothing!  At least a dozen shirts, 2 dresses, 5 pairs of pants and at least 8 pairs of shorts!  Thanks Lauren!  I PROMISE I'll shrink and you can have them back!

Another side effect of the scale moving, I'm FEELING better!  I've neglected to take the last 3 doses of Celebrex (the bottle fell behind my bed).  I usually feel achy and sore when I miss one dose, but I'm feeling fine this morning :)  Maybe I don't need it anymore???  I think I'm going to skip a few more doses and see how I feel.  If I take them I take them, but I'm sure I'm better off without them if I can do without!

As for my guess as to how weigh in will go tomorrow?  It's anybody's guess!  I've been crazy up and down the past 2 weeks.  Yesterday and today I'm over 200 again :( I'm retaining water like crazy!  I can't even get my rings on that's how bad it is.  So I know the weight I see on the scale isn't a true weight.

Check out those fluctuations!  

I know I'm not supposed to weigh myself daily, but I do anyways.  I'm no idiot, I know your bodyweight fluctuates greatly over time, and as long as the trend is downward, I'm happy.  I know that after these fluctuations I'll be in for a good loss, might happen tomorrow, might happen next week or the week after. :)  I'll let you know how it goes!


  1. I have read in one article before, that we cannot depends on the scale to measure how well we are. When you working out and still gaining weight, it is because you start to build muscle from working out, and muscle weighs more than fat. Maybe measuring your body is another good approach u can use to measure ur progress. Be inspired n motivate by other people weight loss success story.


    1. Thanks! I do take measurements (and am due to take another but I've been so busy!) and I do take weight gain with a grain of salt. Some of the up and down was for sure because of a trip to the gym with my new trainer :) My muscles were so sore! Thanks for the link! I love reading other peoples stories!

  2. that cake looks awesome!!!! i wish my friends would share their clothes, my cousin would (we are the same height, my friends are giants) but my cousin is currently larger than me. so no free clothes there.
    i also weigh daily. i know its horrible but i always take into account that it does go up and down depending on what i ate the day before and when the last time i went number 2.

    1. I get a lot of flack for weighing daily, but for me it keeps me on track! I've been doing it for years and when I'm not weighing, I gain! When I weigh daily and see a gain, I know I need to stay on track, drink more water etc.. and when I see a loss it just bolsters me to keep going to see how much more I can get the scale to go down! I don't think it hampers my efforts, I have lost 50 lbs after all!

      I got lucky with that friend, we were the same size at my starting weight and close to the same body type so she's bigger than me now, but she's a bit of a pack rat and a shop a holic, so she had a ton of too small yet clothes in her closet from when she was smaller :) She's got a whole load of size 14's for me to get into when I'm out of the 16's!