Friday, August 31, 2012

Where are you in your journey

This was asked in a post in my 100+ pounds to lose group on weight watchers canada.

This was my answer.

I'm down 65 pounds in 10 months and have NEVER lost more than 35 pounds, ever.  My body was giving out on me at 253 pounds and I was watching my obese mother get sicker and sicker.  When I saw I was over 250 lbs I signed up for WW's (again) and never looked back!

I wear regular sized clothes now, but sometimes I still feel "fat".  It's hard to accept compliments and I really have to actively try to say thank you!  I did catch a glimpse in the window of my reflection this morning and I thought "I look like a normal person" Instead of a morbidly obese person!  Funny how it just hits you sometimes!

I struggle daily with wanting to binge but avoid it, struggle with getting enough water instead of just drinking coffee all day, struggle with finding clothes that fit, loose skin that prevents me from wearing clothes that truly fit, my self image of being saggy baggy and swallowing my pride when naked around my husband.

In the same moment when I'm struggling, I'm so infinitely proud of myself for doing this!  I've lost 65 pounds!  I've lost over a foot off my waist alone!  I've gotten rid of 12 bags of too big clothing.  I drink my water and have one serving of what I want to binge on then walk away.  I blend in as a normal person instead of stand out as an obese one.  The compliments I get are for real and EARNED!  My saggy skin and stretch marks are badges of honour and my husband caresses them, with pride for me.

This is where I am today :)  Thanks for asking.  Now I'm crying!

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