Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Surprise weigh in and our half pretty backyard!

Tom and I spent most of the day (and the past 2 days preparing for) laying new topsoil and sod over half of our yard.  Hard work!  We haven't been making such great lunch food choices, but lots of activity makes up for it right?  Well I was hoping to be down a pound today and was pleasantly surprised to be down 2 pounds!  I'm on a roll baby!  so I'm officially down 65 pounds and have lost 25% of my body weight :DDD

The backyard is shaping up!  We have a lot of work left yet, but we'll get there.

I can't wait until it's done!!!  We've not had a healthy yard for years and have been battling weeds and dead soil to no avail!  So we bit the bullet and decided on sod.    My girls will have a safe place to play!

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