Thursday, August 23, 2012

Kids don't want to sleep!

Oh man!  I haven't posted in 5 days!  My bad!  I gotta kick this up a notch, I've lost 4 followers!!!

It's been stupid busy around here and the girls haven't been going to bed as easily, so poor Mama doesn't get a whole lot of alone time to blog :(
I'm still here though, I promise!  Zaryah is getting molars and Lara had a nightmare the other night (her first one) and has decided she doesn't want to sleep anymore :(  Poor kiddo's.  Poor Mama.

I'm still plugging along here.  This wee was a stay the same.  I didn't lose anything.  But last week with all of the crap I ate because we were so busy redoing our back yard, I'm surprised I didn't gain honestly!  I used 65 activity points on top of my daily points, plus 31 weekly points!  That's A LOT of food in one week!  No worries, I'm eating much better this week and am looking forward to a good loss next tuesday.

I'm 59 days down in my 100 day tracking challenge!  I haven't always been good, and one week I was in the red, but I've learned that it's ok to track everything, even the bad stuff!  Sometimes I think I've totally blown it and should just throw away my weekly points, then I tally it up and didn't use as much as I'd thought I had!  I'm really in the tracking groove these days.  I might extend my tracking challenge.  Although I'm in a wedding with a free bar in december and the other two bridesmaids are pregnant...  Lots of pressure on this girl to drink!  We'll see though.  Maybe I'll just start another 100 day challenge...

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  1. Hi :)

    How old are the girls? I was an au pair in the States and took care of 3 kids. They were 3, 4 and 6 (the oldest one has ADHD) and bedtime was such a pain in the butt at the beginning. We got to an understanding thought the year and it became easier every day but I know how hard it can be sometimes!