Saturday, August 18, 2012

We're taking my mom out for dinner tonight for her birthday. Her choice of restaurants is Red Lobster, also one of my favorites!

I've found the nutritional info and instead of my usual...

-A glass of wine or a cooler
-a gingerale
-3-4 cheddar bay biscuits
-a whole caesar salad
-the whole thing of their deep fried breaded calamari and vegetables
-Ultimate feast, trading hubby my lobster tail for his crab legs from his ultimate feast (a match made in heaven! I like lobster, but I love crab, he likes crab, but he loves lobster)
-Baked potato
-Something decadent for dessert and maybe
-a dessert coffee 

Well over 100 points!!!!!

I'm having this and have already tracked it

-A garden salad with balsamic dressing
-share a calamari with everyone
-2 cheddar bay biscuits (I can't just have one)
-Snow crab legs (seriously low on points! Don't use the butter)

Only about 16-18 points

And maybe share a dessert with hubby

Sound better? I can't go to a restaurant and not eat the treats. I figure this way I'm comprimising :) I'm saving a buttload of points!!!!

I love weight watchers, lol!  I treat myself, track it, 

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