Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Size 14...

I went into old navy today while my husband and niece were ogling stuff in the Apple store.  I went right to the clearance racks (are you kidding?  I'm NOT paying full price for Any clothes right now!).  I passed the 18's and perused the 16's and 14's and found a really cheap pair that wasn't so gross looking.  I tried them on and alas.  Can't do them up!  I got a little pissy and threw them at the dressing room attendant (not really, but I wanted to!) and walked out.  It wasn't until a few minutes later that I realized I was upset about size 14's!  I got them up but my belly was in the way!  A few months ago I couldn't do up their highest size!

I didn't end up getting anything, i'm having a really hard time buying clothes right now because I'm disgusted how my body looks right now and I don't want to buy anything I'm just going to shrink out of!  I really am in need of some transition clothes though.  I have one pair of pants (besides yoga pants) and they're so old and out of shape!  And ugly!  One of my biggest issues with my body is that most of my weight is in my belly, and after 2 babies close together, by lower belly hangs over like an apron.  It hangs lower now that I've lost 30 pounds than it did in the 250's!  This doesn't help ANY pants look good and was the reason those pants didn't do up.  I'm pretty sure plastic surgery is in my future...  I have a pair of shapers that I've been thinking about wearing to hold my extra skin in, but wouldn't that be uncomfortable???

I think I'm going to put them on and go to Value village.  Get me some second hand stuff.

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