Sunday, February 12, 2012

Family birthdays

Yesterday and the day before my family got together to celebrate my nieces confirmation, my 33rd and my daughters 3rd birthdays!  We are a big family and celebrate everyone.  Getting together about once a month.  These are my cheat days.  If this is going to be a life long thing, I'm not going to deny myself at these parties for the rest of my life, just not going to happen!  So I indulged in veggies and dip, my sister in laws famous spinach dip and pumpernickel bread, I had a hamburger (with a thin bun) and a hot dog (with no bun), a small piece of cake and some chocolate frozen yogurt.  I also are the broccoli salad and broccoli bacon quinoa I made :)

The scale is up a little and it probably won't be a very good week on the official scale, but that's ok.  I have to live life.  That includes losing weight and watching what I eat AND going to parties!  I love food, especially family potlucks and I'm not going to deny myself that or I'll set myself up for a fail.

I did curb it.  I didn't sit in front of the spinach dip all night like my old self would have, I didn't have 2 burgers, I didn't have an entire bowl of potato chips, 2 pieces of cake, other desserts, lots of pop, alcohol...I did eat a lot of veggies :)  So I guess that redeems it all, lol!

Roll on tuesday and weigh-in day!

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