Thursday, February 9, 2012

Busy busy busy! 17 weeks down!

Things have been hectic around here!  Tom had to do CPR and First aid tuesday and wednesday so I had the kids all day.  I know, shouldn't be that hard, but we've been parenting together this past year I've been off on Mat leave and I'm not used to doing it alone!  It's especially hard now that Zaryah's walking!  Double busy!

First off, WW's meeting went well on Tuesday!  I'm down another 2.2 lbs for an official total of 32 lbs lost!  In the meeting I'm down 26 lbs total as I lost 6 lbs while using WW's online before going to the meeting.  So I got my 10% keychain and my 25 lb ring for it!  Such an accomplishment I think!  I put my keychain on my purse and it jingles together whenever I move, reminding me of my accomplishment!

We had a doctors appointment for both girls and myself on tuesday afternoon.  I mentioned my ankle is still giving me grief and that I'm tired of it being a barrier to me getting healthy!  I told her I was thinking about starting running and instead of her saying I shouldn't, she was all for it!  She was also very impressed that I've lost 32 lbs!  That the rate I've been losing is incredible!

She referred me back to my physiotherapist do strengthen the muscles that hold my foot together (all of the ligaments are toast on the outside of the right ankle and my foot just wants to roll that way!)  She also said that my Orthopedic surgeon has retired and that if the problems continue she'll find a new one that might be more open to surgical repair.  My old ortho told me to just wear my brace all the time and get a cane!  Thanks a lot!  I'm 33, so I'm just going to sit on my butt for the next 70 odd years?  I figure he just saw a fat lazy person and it didn't matter if my foot was #&%@'ed cuz I'm just fat and lazy.   There's gotta be a better option than that!  I'm kind of glad he's retired, lol!

Today I went with Tom to walk dogs and got 2 hours of solid exercise in!  After the past few days of getting nothing in it felt good!  What a change from the summer!  I could barely do a half hour walk with him!  See?  My body is changing!  Even if I'm not really noticing it in the mirror yet!

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