Sunday, February 26, 2012

Niagara Falls

Sorry I've been MIA this week.  I'm holding on.  Not expecting a huge loss this week though.

We went to Niagara falls for 3 days for a mini getaway for us and the babies.  Tom had an entrance exam at Niagara college so we figured it was a good an excuse as any!  We brought my Niece Mia with us for babysitting help :).

Our hotel had a waterpark in it and it was really clean and up to date!  The kiddies were too small for a lot of the stuff, but the gradual entry to the wave pool made for a lot of fun jumping and splashing!

If you every find yourself in Niagara Falls the resort is called Americana.  It's not right down by the falls, but the weather was crummy so it didn't really matter.  That and we've been to Niagara Falls a dozen times and have seen the view :)  (We did drive by the falls so Lara could see)

The room was huge.  2 queen beds, a pull out couch, dining table, microwave and mini fridge.  It did our little family well!

We had a meal plan package, which made me a little nervous, but I did ok.  We bought a huge veggie tray and a big bowl of cut up fruit and kept it in our mini fridge.  Before any meals I pigged out on veggies and dip, making me eat less of the pizza, pasta, etc..  I did eat pizza, pasta, and we went to Arby's for lunch yesterday... I guess my saving grace there was that the roast beef was roasted and shaved instead of fryed.  That and I barely are any of the curly fries, their oil must have been old because they tasted funny!

We came home yesterday afternoon just in time for me to get ready for my friends bachelorette party!  We had to meet at her place so I decided I'd be post Limo DD for a couple friends of mine.  I had a drink at the beginning of the night plus a small glass of champagne about half way through.  The limo was a stretch Excursion :)))  So nice!  I won't go into details, but it was a fun night!  I finally crawled into bed just before 4 am.  So I got a couple hours of sleep.  Glad I didn't drink, I don't think I'd function well with a hangover!

So this morning I weighed the same as I did before I left for Niagara Falls!  So happy about that!  Here's hoping I can lose a little bit by Tuesday.  I really hate gains on weigh-in days!!!

Back to our regularly scheduled program now.  February so far I've only lost 3.5 lbs :(  March is coming up next week and is a fresh start!  I have 17.5 lbs to lose to hit Onederland (on the home scale) and I was hoping to get there before I go back to work at the end of April.  If I'm really focused I'm sure I can get there.

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